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Branch Warren is one of the most competitive bodybuilder who have 'HUGE' legs when he poses on the stage. As a competitor in the biggest event of Mr.Olympia, Branch's never skip his leg day is it is one of the most important exercise. 

Working out with this his buddy, Johnnie O.Jackson in the most hottest gym in Texas, most of people around the gym will heard both of them groaning due tu grueling leg workout that they did.

What exercise and workout does Branch did? Here are the list of the exercise that he do to get that big legs!

  • Squats (5 sets of 12 reps. *Each set, weight will be increased accordingly)
  • Barbell Lunges (3 sets of 10 reps)
  • Leg Press (6 sets of 10 reps. *Each set, weight will be increased accordingly)
  • Leg Extension (Sets and reps till failure)
  • Leg Curl (4 sets of 15 reps. *Each set, weight will be increased accordingly)
  • Seated Calf Raise (6 sets of 12 reps or till failure) 

Ready to workout? Here are the details of the exersice!

*Tips: Pick your weight that you could achieve the desired reps and set. The weight mention in this article is meant and done by a profesional bodybuilder. Remember to pick up weights that you could do!


Known as "King of the Exercise", squats will need to be done in order to get lean and ripped body. This is because of leg drives you to release testosterone on all over your body which helps you to build more muscle on upper body.

How Branch do it?

Branch is known to lift heavy weights. Do 3 warmup sets from 135lbs to 225lbs, then the working sets will be from 315lbs and even MORE! As warmup doesn't count, start with 315lbs till your max for the last set.



Not many people to do lunges as it will hurt more on your legs. But guess what? "No Pain, No Gain!". To get that definition on your legs even more, do this exercise for better looks.

How Branch Do It?

Branch will bring his Barbell with 135lbs of weight outside of the gym, and will start performing the lunges for 10 reps. As for Branch, from starting point (A) to ending point (B), will count as 1/2 sets. Go back from ending point to starting point, then it will be count as 1 set. Perform another 2 times, then that will be Barbell Lunges, Branch Warren styles!



People favourite exercise is Leg Press. Most people who come to the gym that skip squats and perform this exercise, could be beginners or those who doesn't want mass on their legs. As squat and leg press compliment with each other, Leg Press will help you to build muscle on every part of your quads.

Different foot placement will work on different part. If your legs are closer, you will be building the outer quads, while wide placement will be building the inside portion of quads.

How Branch do it?

Branch will start off with normal foot placement, which will aligned with his leg position. Each set, he will change his foot placement from inside to outside. This will incorperate with every part of muscle to be worked on by that day.

Tips: Increase weight on every set and reach failure if you can. If you need to use knee wraps, this is the time to do. 



Most of the gym must have this machine. If its not, don't go that gym as this is the final part that you need to achieve that big legs (*MMC Tips). Branch groans can be heard when he does this exercise. Why? Because this exercise will 'kill' your legs in a better way. With full of sweat and concentration on this exercise, do this exercise correctly and your 'tear drops' muscle will be showed off even more.

How Branch do it?

Perform this exercise with weights that you are comfortable with. Branch will most likely do this exercise with heavyweights for 20 reps. But, if he feels good, we will even do more up till 50 reps non stop with HEAVY WEIGHTS! Perform this exercise till you don't have that energy to keep moving on. By the end of the day, the result will SHOCK you!



Now it comes to the second part of legs which is hamstring. Most people will neglect this exercise as they think that this muscle will not be shown to many people or on stage. If you think like that, it shows that you are WRONG the entire time. You need to treat your Hamstring as the same as Quads.

Seated leg curls need to be done on a machine that looks like Leg Extension machine, but it requires you to pull the machine to your bottom seat in order to start activating your hamstring.

How Branch do it?

Branch will do this exercise the same that he did for Leg Extension. However, this exercise will be done where reps and sets need to be counted. On each set, Branch will increase the weight to get the maximum potential of building bigger hamstring.



As this exercise is similar to Seated Leg Curl, Branch will still perform this exercise as he believe that different machine gives different effect. With Lying Leg Curl machine, Branch have the ability to place his leg in desired place to work on every part of hamstring.

How Branch do it?

Branch will be lying on the machine and start performing this exercise with highest reps up till 50 reps. After that, he will starting counting the reps and set and finish it as the next exercise will be the final exercise.



The final part of legs is of course calf. Calf is one of the underrated muscle to be work on as it small part of muscle in our body. However, Branch did not skip this workout as to finish off his leg, this will be the exercise that must be done.

How Branch do it?
On calf raise leg machine, Branch will start off with normal leg position as the same way he treat on Leg Press machine. This is because of he want to incorperate all of calf muscle which have 3 parts. Most of the time, Branch will do this exercise till he feel the burns on his calf and finish it strong.


In conclusion, this workout not only gives benefit to build big legs, but also gives your body to be able on building a better body and looks. We from will advise to all that never lift with ego. Lift weight based on your capability. If you can go even more, keep pushing forward as it may change your life for a better success and healthier lifestyle.


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