Bigger Guns, Bigger Guns

Gaspari Nutrition Athlete, Hidetada Yamagishi is one of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder who have been competing for Mr Olympia for many years. He who come for Rising Sun country (Japan), he was the only Asian to be ever compete in the biggest event of Bodybuilding Competition, Mr Olympia. 

Hide was known with his big arms for an Asian and to get a bigger gun like him, train hard now and make your arms grow.


Here are the exercise that Hide did for his arm day:



Press down 4 sets of 10

Close grip bench press 4 sets of 10

Dips 4 sets of 10

Skull crusher 4 sets of 10



Barbell curl 4 sets of 10

Preacher curl 4 sets of 10

Dumbbell curl 4 sets of 10

Reverse curl 4 sets of 10


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